Thursday, May 8, 2008

Adventure Diving at Waidroka

Following recreational diving for over 30 years, I am now finding myself running a dive resort and since, we started taking diving here in Fiji at Waidroka Bay Resort into a different direction "Adventure Diving". So what is adventure diving...? Another marketing gimmick or simply a new word ?

Here at Waidroka Bay Resort in Fiji we call adventure diving simply diving for the more adventurous divers coming our way. One must be more experienced and ready to explore the unknown, since many times this encompasses, simply dropping in on any of the vast amount of far-out reef walls we have here in Fiji and exploring. Some of the dives may go very deep to discover different areas of slopes going slowly deep of the walls, where we see many big fish and incredible rock or coral formations simply standing out of the sandy bottom. Other adventure dives are either drift dives when the wheather is giving us an extra push or discovering walls, looking for caves and swim throughs and discovering. Some of these dives may take place far-out on the outer walls of Frigates Passage or Beqa lagoon or some on the inside and more murcky waters of the inner corners of the Coral Coast passages. Most of this type of diving is possible only with the right group of people and experienced divers - however there are plenty of those around and we always welcome them to go and explore with us. This type of diving generated a lot of interest in our resort and is a more personal and smaler group experience, thereby creating more value for the diver, as well as generating new dive experiences every dive.


Bootman said...

I agree, great place for diving in Fiji and the atmosphere is just perfect...not to snobish and you can just chill and be just yourself. Not to mention the chilled Fiji Beer also tastes nice at Waidroka ;-)

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